BlackHatForumz - Registration Agreement

BlackHatForumz is an avid support of all forms of blackhat marketing. However, we do no endorse all methods discussed on our forum. Just because we're a blackhat forum doesn't mean there are no rules. Below is a list of the most important rules - most of these should be pretty obvious. There's only ten. Remember them.

  1. No Spamming - We hate spammers - unless we're the ones doing it. Feel free to talk about spamming all you want, but don't spam on our forum. There are only two places you can advertise products or services: our marketplace and in your signature. You cannot use either of those until you have at least 100 posts.

  2. The Marketplace - You don't need to pay us anything to start a thread in the marketplace. We suggest creating a high-quality sales image to increase conversions. You must be the owner of the service or product you're advertising - no affiliate links are allowed. All scammers will be banned and their thread will be closed.

  3. Signature Rules - We try to allow as much freedom as possible with signatures. Signatures can be a maximum of 3 lines and contain a maximum of 2 links. You cannot change the font size. If you prefer to use an image instead of text, you can add an image that's up to 728x90, but it must be hosted at Imgur. Affiliate links are allowed in signatures.

  4. No Scamming - We will absolutely protect our members. If you're caught scamming any of our members, you will be immediately and permanently banned from BlackHatForumz. Our moderators are the final authorities when it comes to determining if a member has been scammed and get to the decide the punishment.

  5. Multiple Accounts - We never allow multiple accounts. The only people who create multiple accounts on forums tend to be spammers and scammers. So, if we see that you've already had an account with us, both your new and old accounts will be immediately banned. If you forget your password, simply reset it.

  6. Be Respectful - Please me respectful to other forum members. It's okay to disagree with members, but personal attacks on people will not be tolerated. If you know that you're the type of person who gets upset about certain topics and can't control yourself - we suggest avoiding those topics entirely. They aren't worth getting banned over.

  7. Forum Etiquette - The excessive use of capitalization, special characters, colors or font/image size will result in removal of your thread or post. Nobody likes reading all caps. Nobody likes when you change the text color of every paragraph. Nobody likes when crazy special characters are just being used to grab people's attention.

  8. No Adult Content - We do not allow adult videos or images to be posted directly on our forum. While we do have a section for adult webmasters and you're allowed to link to legal adult websites, we just don't want any of the content directly posted on our forum since it may not be appropriate for all of our members.

  9. Mods Are Right - The members of our moderation team are always right. You can argue with them and chat with them just like you can with any other member - except for when it comes to the rules. If they say that you're breaking a rule - that means you're breaking a rule. Don't argue. Don't escalate the situation.

  10. Illegal Downloads - Unlike some blackhat forums, we don't have a downloads section. There's not really a need for sections like that anymore and it's not really safe to download warez directly from websites. You should always be using a VPN and downloading torrents to get access to products and software like that.

IMPORTANT - We don't have ads on our forum. We don't have upgraded memberships. We don't make you pay to post in the marketplace or to have a signature. We really don't want to burden our members by charging them for anything like that. However, we do reserve the right to use our affiliate links in marketplace threads. If you offer an affiliate program, there's a good chance we'll signup for it to earn a commission anytime someone purchases your product or service. We prefer to monetize our forum this way simply because it takes all of the risk away from our members. You never have to worry about paying us anything unless we generate a sale. This provides a win-win situation for everyone.

Our rules are pretty simple and we expect them to be followed. If you think that you're going to have problems following these rules, find another forum to use. We rarely give warnings. If you're being problematic and it's obvious that you're intentionally breaking our rules, we will immediately ban your account. There is no way to appeal banned accounts.